Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sprinker Recreation Center - by Yuko and Marisela

          Marisela and I will write about Sprinker Recreation Center near my neighborhood. Locally we just call it Sprinker. The KING 5 News televised about a Sprinker’s problem on June 19, 2010 at 5:40 PM. Its old news, but we want to share this problem because our classmate Marisela’s daughter, Emily, is learning at   the ice skating place at Sprinker. Now, the Sprinker building is in very poor shape. According to KING 5 News, “The roof is reportedly unstable. Water leaks from the ceiling and creates holes in the ice surface. There’s rot in the restroom.”  It looks so dangerous. Pierce County’s Park and Recreation Director, Kathy Kravit – Smith says, “Discussions about master planning for Sprinker never resulted in actual construction.” 
          When I heard the cost is more than $30 million for Sprinker to renovate, I thought that is way too much. I screamed, “No way!” But I feel sorry Cassandra Smith who is dreaming of the Olympics. Cassandra is a 14-year-old figure skater and she practiced ice skating at Sprinker for 10 years. She really loves to figure skate and her goal is to win the Olympics in 2014. She was crying during her interview on KING 5 News. It’s so sad. Also, Marisela told me about how much Emily likes an ice skating class at Sprinker. I wish those girls’ dreams are going to come true. However, I don’t know what’s going on now. I hope the ice rink keeps open.  
                                                                                ~by Yuko O.

I want to write about Sprinker Recreation Center. My daughter Emily is taking ice-skating classes at Sprinker Recreation Center. She likes it so much. Now, she takes beginning level. She is almost finished with the session class and will start a new session this fall. She is having fun.
It is a really sad story that they want to close the center. I hope it stays open for the local families because a lot of kids have fun and enjoy themselves.
Please, let’s keep Sprinker open! 
                                                                     ~by Marisela M.


Lori said...

Hi Marisela,

My name is Lori (I am Aileen's sister-in-law). I was very touched by the story of the skating rink. I certainly hope the community will keep it open. I'm sure there are so many children who have dreams of being a great skater; including your daughter.
Best wishes,

tim w said...

You won me over...let's keep Sprinkler open!