Monday, March 14, 2011

Why My Kids Only Speak English - by Marisela

People always ask me why my kids only speak English. I will explain. When my first child started school, it was difficult because I didn’t know which school he needed to go to. We asked a few people, and they sent us to different schools. In his new school, there were only a few kids that spoke Spanish. I remember one family from my son’s school. She was from Peru, and she had two daughters - one of them was the age of my son.
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It was difficult for my son to learn when he started kindergarten. The school didn't have an ESL program for kids before, like they have now. All the time, the teacher left my son behind because he didn't understand what she said. Kindergarten was hard for him, but First grade was even harder. Sometimes the teacher was so mean with him because he didn't speak very well. After that time, I understood it is better to let my kids speak only English so they won’t have a problem in the future - that is what I think.

When he started middle school, one of the teachers sent him to ESL class because his last name was Spanish. The ESL teacher gave him a test and wrote a note for the other teacher to explain that he passed the test. She asked why he needs to take regular classes because he read and spoke English well. After that, the next two years were ok. He graduated from middle school and finished high school. Now he studies at PLU.

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Anonymous said...

It's sad that the teachers were mean to him because he didn't understand, but I think that probably happens more than we know. I think it's good for kids to know English before they are in school, but it's good, also, for them to know another language. I would hope that you still speak Spanish at home so the kids will learn it.