Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bento for My Kids - by Takami

I am excited about making my daughter’s lunches.  In Japan, people bring lunch boxes from home called Bento. I make Bento for my children. It is not easy, because I make a couple side dishes with vegetables and rice balls or sandwiches for three, sometimes for four people. It will take one hour or more. But it is fun, because Bento is like an art. I make rice balls shaped like a bear, Mickey mouse or panda, etc. I make grape tomato lady bugs, carrot flowers or cucumber flower cups. And I make a lot of other things.


First I was very worried, because I thought American people, especially little kids, would think Japanese style Bento is a very weird lunch, and other kids might make fun of my kids. So I asked them to try to bring Japanese bento just one time. But when they brought their lunch box, the school teacher and the lunchroom lady were both amazed. They already knew about Bento, and they praised my daughter’s Bento lunch. 


When my kids got home, I asked how their lunch was. They were so happy about their Bento and they told me to make it again.
Since then I have been making Japanese style Bento and they enjoy it. The good thing is that I actually know what they eat for lunch. When they ate school lunch, I always asked them whether they ate vegetables or not because my kids try to avoid eating them. Also, if they bring lunch from home they don’t need to get in line, so they have enough time to eat.

Making Bento lunches is very hard, but I believe that is a good thing for my kids.

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