Monday, January 31, 2011

My Favorite Cartoon is Vanishing

Have you ever seen an apisode of the cartoon "Tom and Jerry"?

The cartoon is about a cat named Tom doing everthing he can to catch a mouse called Jerry. I grew up with this cartoon. When I was watching the cartoon I saw that Tom was despicable and tried to defeat Jerry, but he never stopped to catch and tease Jerry.

Everyone said that Tom was silly, but I never thought that. He seemed lonely because he wanted to make friends so he just bothered Jerry. He actually liked Jerry so he really just wanted to make friends. When I was child People told me that if some one bothers, they like you. I still believe that.

However, I think the cartoon is vanishing and I haven't seen this cartoon of late. Why? Why!
I wonder what would happen if Tom caught Jerry. How could Tom do it? Would devour Jerry? No, I don't think so. Tom could catch Jerry if he wanted to, but he doesn't because he wants to be friends with Jerry. Thus, the stories of Tom and Jerry are touching and funny. I'd like to see that forever.

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