Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our School - by Sarasinee, Sue, and Vi

The Library
By Sarasinee

I like to go to the library because they have a lot of books and CDs. I can use the computer and the printer for free, too. When I read a book in the library, I understand more because it is quiet. And when I don't understand some words, I can also ask for help from someone who works in the library. I love the library.

Pierce College Library
by Sue

When I finish my ESL class, I usually go to Pierce College library. The Pierce College library is very nice and neat. They have a lot of computers, books, information and desks. Sometimes I go with my friend to the library to do homework and learn English. When I finish my homework, I play computer or find information to help me with my English. I like using the Pierce College library.

My School
By Vi

 Pierce college is the first school where I studied in the US. I'm learning ESL here. In this school, I have begun my dream when I live in this country.
The first day, I came Pierce to test for my ESL class. I haven't ever seen a school as wonderful as Pierce in my country. It lies on a sloping hill and in front of a lake. My ESL teacher took my class to hang out around it and we talked about Pierce's sight. My school has a lot of buildings that are built close together in order for students easy moving. My ESL class is at CASCADE bldg, which is the center building. Pierce has many internatonal students. They come from different countries. If you want to make friends, you may meet at the cafetiaria or the international student club.

 Around the buildings are parking lots full of cars when it's class time. Tree lines are along alleyways of parking lots and buildings. In spring and summer, branches of trees display blooms. My school is like a flower festival; it makes me amazed. In fall, it's comfortable to walk in Pierce. I love that I see gold-leaves go down on the way to buidings. The air is smoother in this season. I haven't ever been here for winter but I have thought Pierce will bring warm air still, because students always go in a rush.

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