Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soccer - by Phuong and Socheat

My Favorite  Sport

I like sports a lot, but soccer is a sport that I want to play more than all of them. When I was a kid, under high school age, I didn’t know how to play it. I had played it the first time when I was studying tenth grade in Phu Nhuan high school. I had attended the Phu Nhuan school soccer team. I had a great time there.
Soccer is a team sport. It’s an attractive sport and played between two teams. Every team has eleven players and three substitutes, but only a maximum of three substitutes are changed with other players in the match. The soccer match is played for ninety minutes and divided into two halves. Between each half, there’s a fifteen minute break. In this match, the score will rise when someone on the team shoots the ball into the goal. The rules of soccer are simple and easy to remember.
I watched soccer on TV on the weekends with my friends at a coffee shop in Saigon. When there was a attractive game at Champion League or La Liga or Premier League, we would divide into two groups. Each group chose a favorite team and cheered for that team. If we won, we wouldn’t pay for any of out orders. That was the losers’ job.
I haven’t played and watched soccer since I entered the US. And now, all of those things are only memories in my mind. 
                                                  ~by Phuong

My Favorite Thing is Soccer
 My favorite is thing to play soccer. When I was 16 years old, I used to play soccer in my country. Soccer is popular in my country. I am good at defending. I always score goals against other teams.
My team’s best skill is ball control. When we play soccer, we always play in Tacoma field, and most of the time we win.  I haven’t played so much since I came to the United States.  Sometimes I watch TV, and sometimes I go to play soccer with my friends. I have a friend in Tacoma. His name is Jos√©. He lives to play soccer. Every weekend we hang out together and play soccer.  It is fun, and gives us good health. It also helps us communicate better. 
                                                                         ~by Socheat

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