Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Defend Our Earth

We know how to have a good environment, although we don't always do anything about it. Recently, most of the natural disasters occur because of environmental pollution, especially "GLOBAL WARMING." When I spent time watching a T.V show which was a story about Africa, I saw that a lot of animals died of hunger because a river was vanishing little by little. They couldn't eat anything, so eventually they died. I was a little shocked about that. Of course, I have heard of the seriousness of environmental pollution before, but I didn't care and just skipped that.

Why are a lot of animals dying? The reason is we're living in the wrong way with lots of cars with smoke, disposable products, synthetic detergents, vinyls, etc. Because of those O2 emissions in the air, such animals are dying. If we do nothing, the earth will get hotter and hotter so spring and fall of the season will disappear, and then all of the islands and lands will vanish in the world.

So, what are we going to do to prevent this? First, reduce the synthetic detergents; many people use synthetic detergents to clean, do laundry or whatever. This causes water pollution. Therefore, we must try to reduce the synthetic detergents. Second, conserve energy; most people forget to unplug appliances what they don't use. We must never forget it ! Finally, recycling can help the earth. We can find reusable things here and there and everywhere, such as papers, bottles, aluminum cans, glass, plastics, cardboard, batteries,etc. All of these can be used again. Also, there are many other things we can do. Thus, let's start with small things so step by step. In conclusion, we must realize the importance of fixing the problem of environmental pollution, and we have to defend our earth!!

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