Thursday, April 21, 2011

Improve Your English

Improve your English
by Silvia Yun

What do you think is the most important thing to improve your English? When they come to the U.S., and go abroad for study, many people feel nervous about English. I also felt nervous when I was going places in the U.S., and speaking to people.
I think English is a very difficult language for people who didn’t speak it before because it has difficult pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary. Each person has a different ability to improve English. What are the best ways to improve English?
Here are some ideas: Take an ESL class in college or university; Watch American movies and TV; Read children’s books and listen to audio books; Talk to American people;
Use the internet websites (YouTube, blogs, and so on); and Record your voice and check your pronunciation. These ideas are good guides to learning English for you and for me .
I am taking an ESL class now. It’s really good. The teacher is friendly, and the students are kind. You can enjoy the class, meet many people from other countries, and you can speak to them using English. It’s very nice.
Many people say “watching movies” is a good thing to improve English. At first, you need two language subtitles, but if you watch the movie for a definite period, you will begin to understand. Reading children’s books is a good thing. Children’s books are short, and they have many pictures. Also, they are composed of easy words, so you can listen to the whole book. I also say, “Go outside and talk to people!!” It is really good practice for English. They are so kind and they can fix your English. Don’t be shy!!
What do you do on the internet? Do you know the internet has English websites?
There are a lot of websites about learning English. Some examples are YouTube, blogs, and so on. YouTube has many videos about English. Blogs have many suggestions for learning English. has good pronunciation resources.
I think these can help your study of English. Finally, I’m going to write about the best thing that I found.
Many successful people say “record your voice and check your pronunciation.”
Actually, I use this way. I think I get a better pronunciation, learn many words, and improve my reading ability. There are a lot of methods to improve English, but the most important thing is to try! Don’t think about the difficulty of English. I suggest you get more confidence. If you try and try, it will be worth the effort.

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