Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My New Language

In my country, I learned Korean, Chinese, and a little bit of Japanese. I thought, I will not use another language in my life. What happened? One day, a man came into my life, so I needed to change everything. First, I needed to move my life from China to America, and I needed to adapt myself to new circumstances. But that is not my biggest problem. My biggest problem is conversation because I don't know any English.

Now that I'm living in America, I need and want to know English, so I'm taking classes at Pierce College. I'm studying vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing. When I first started ESL classes, I was very shy because I didn't understand what the teacher said. I always just copied what the teacher wrote, and when I went back home, I reviewed my English lessons with my copied papers.

After a couple of days, I could understand a little bit what the teacher said, but I always asked the student next to me to be sure. One day, my husband gave me a new idea. He required me to remember five English words everyday. I needed to know what the words meant and how to write and read them. That was difficult for me. I had so much stress. My husband was very patient. He encouraged me with my English. After a few days, although English was difficult for me, I had become fond of it.

I want to be a translator. I hope to translate Chinese, Korean and English because I want to help immigrant workers that don't know English.

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